Domestic Activities

BPIC sign MOU with Credit Unions Cooperatives
On March 31, 2018 As Ph.D., Dr. Janya Pabhu, Director of Ban Phai Vocational College, assigned Deputy Associate Somjit Vorachat, Deputy Director academic Signed MOU between Ban Phai Vocational College and Credit Union Cooperative Ltd. at Credit Union Development Institute, Amphoe Mueang, Khon Kaen

Training Program for Wuhan and Tianjin Students- April-5-2018
Seminars were held in BPIC for the students who got scholarship to study in China. The main objective of the training was to boost thier skills and communication skill.

Opening Ceremony of Thai-China Cooperating Vocational Education Project
Opening Ceremony was held in BPIC. It was a successful event where many guests were invited, among them was Dr. Bunson Champaphothi, assistant secretary of Vocational Education Commision as chief guest. Other guests included Dr.Phong Sak Tangwaneet Kapong the chief executive of the PAO , Mr.Thawat Chai Roat Ngam, Mayor of Banphai district, Mrs. Hulin, Director of Confucius Institut,Khonkaen, Mrs .Nipaporn Thanaphat Rodom , and Director of ZEN Japanese Language Institute, Dr.Bunsong Champaphoethi. There were number of performance in Japanese and Chinese songs.

Graduation of Students of BPIC 2017
BPIC held graduation day every year. Certificates are given to students and students recieve blessing from their respective teachers.

Seminar on Developing Communication skills.
Seminar on developing communication skills was held on 2nd-4th July 2016 in Ubonrat Dam, Khon Kaen. Trainers were from California Language Center. The main objective of this seminar was to improve communication skills of teachers of Banphai Industrial Community and Education College. We were taught how to communicate in English Language. Since English language is a global language, Director Junyar Pabu felt the importance and the need to improve english language of the teachers. It was a great success as the trainers felt BPIC team were very dedicated and seemed to grasp the language very quickly.

With the vision of making BPIC the International College, Director Junyar Pabu have focused on many such kind of activities for both the students and teachers.He is a leader with a clear, distinctive, and specific view of the future. We aspire to be one of the top vocational and first international vocational college in Thailand.

Wuhan Railway Project
BPIC was nominated by the office of the Vocational Education Commission supporting Thai-China high speed sky train. Administrators and teachers from Wuhan Railway Vocational College of Technology visited BPIC in regard to the project. Members of BPIC visited China to study development of railway transit system. BPIC will be sending student to Wuhan Railway Vocational College of Technology to study Railway transit system.