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International Activities

Preparation of Course in Railway Transport at Wuhan Railway college

Between March 26, 2018 and April 1, 2018, Dr. Janya Pabhu, Director of Ban Phai Vocational College, assigned the curriculum development committee consisting of Mr. Krisana Suparom, Chatcharai Ananthom And teacher Chatthananana to take the course of high school diploma (Diploma) in rail transport at Wuhan Railway College, China.

The 10th China - ASEAN Education Cooperation Week

The reasons for China -ASEAN Education Cooperation are:

  1. Colleges from Thailand are actively involved with China to cultivate talents and skills for railway transit system.
  2. ASEAN countries need skills to build mainstay industrial
  3. Cooperation between colleges and companies
Dr. Janyar pabu delivered speech. In his speech he mention about how Chinese railway has developed. He said, Thailand need labours to match the skills and don't have enough talents. Therefore, BPIC choose Wuhan Railway Vocational college of Technology as the partner. We are training student to obtain skills and have good cooperation. Director Cheng ShiXin, Wuhan Railway vocational College of Technology invited the director of BPIC to attend the meeting. Dr. Janyar Pabu lead a group of directors of Thai colleges to attend the meeting. Dr. Janyar Pabu has maintain great relationship with Mr. cheng and they delivered the speech together.

Shandong Jiatong University

Director Dr. Junyar Pabu along with other teachers and vice Director were invited to Shandong Jiatong University, Changqing Jinan, P.R China to attend it's 60th anniversary.
The main aim to visit China was to create a close liasion between both sides and contribute to the scientific, cultural and educational exchange.

An argreement between BPIC and Shandong Jiatong University was signed. The objective of the agreements are as following:

  1. The two parties can arrange exchange visit in group, expanding the fields of academic exchange and cooperation of future specific projects.
  2. The two parties can assign teachers to perform the academic visit and short-term lectures to the other party. The courses, number of personnels, time need to be agreed upon actual situation.
  3. The two parties should create conditions to arrange students to undertake academic exchange and research to the other party. The number of personnels, majors and expendures will be agreed upon through consultation by tow parties.
  4. The two parties should conduct various cooperation researches and share the cost of relevant seminars in a planned way.
  5. When one party hosts relevant seminars, he should inform the other party and make arrangement of attendance if later intends to participate in the conference.
  6. The agreement is valid for three years. if one party wants to terminate it, they should inform the other party in written form. The agreement ends on the condition that the notice of termination is given before one month.
  7. If both the parties are willing, they can further extend the agreement.

Rail Transportation Operating Management

The Objectives of this training are:

  1. A progressive engineer and manager in rail transportation, organization, command decision making and opening management
  2. Master specific knowledge and skills of railway transit trrafic organization, transportation economic, tranportation planning, etc.
  3. Have basic management skills in rail transportation operating management
  4. Have good ability of organization, harmonization and good communication with coworker.

Scholarship for students in Tianjin Railway Technical and Vocational College

Scholarship for students are given in Tianjin Railway Technical and Vocational College to study railway management subjects. Every year students are made to write exam and whoever makes it through are given scholarship based on their performance. Not only performance their overall character and personalities are judged before giving them scholarship. This is good opportunity for both students and country.