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On March 3rd, 1995, the council of Nongnamsai sub-district, Banphai district set aside land for Vocational Education in order to establish the Banphai Industrial and Community Education College (BPIC). On July 9th, 1996 BPIC was officially commissioned under the Division of Education Careers which is under the Ministry of Education which oversees the Office of the Vocational Education Commission.

This project was established with the support of MPs Assistant Professor Dr. Premsak Pieyura, M.D., PhD. and wealthy people of Banphai led by Dr. Yingyong Sawadpanich. Funds for establishing BPIC came from unused funds from the existing budget. On December 20th, 1997 the Ministry of the Interior approved the Vocational Education Commission to use public land located at 113 Moo.2 Nong namsai sub-district , Banphai district, to establish BPIC. The land area was about about 99 Rai (39.6 acres) 932 square meters. read more....

Recent Achievements and Activities

Minburi Techinical College. "Observe activity" of learning and teaching. View More


send The scholarship students of Wuhan 30 people at China. View More

Seminar for Students Going to China

Banphai Industrial and Community Education College conducted seminar for students going to China to study. The main objective of the seminar was to improve communication skills in Chienese language.Students from all over Thailand came to attend the seminar. Seminar was held for a month and students were trained in different aspects.

If someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn’t need motivation to speed him up. What he needs is education to turn him around. 'Jim Rohn'